About Us

The UW-Madison chapter of The National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE) has several goals. First and foremost, we connect ambitious students with one another on a national level — so they can acquire the networks they need to create disruptive new ventures, or secure their dream jobs upon graduation. Our members don’t need to study business or engineering, so long as they have a passion for innovation and helping communities in need.

Our other main goal is to promote philanthropy through volunteering and innovation. We strive to teach business and engineering students about entrepreneurship, but as a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization, clearly we cannot be a profit-motivated startup. So, rather than learning how to run a for-profit corporation, our focus is philanthropy and public service.

In a world stricken by poverty, inequality, and natural disasters, NOBE-UW strives to exploit the best of UW-Madison’s student body to alleviate major world crises. By empowering our members with mentorship from upperclassmen, hands-on leadership opportunities, and a national network of ambitious colleagues, we are creating the next generation of leaders and philanthropists.


LinkedIn Portraits – Monday 9/18/17

Join us Monday Sep. 18th from 1:00pm – 5:00pm in the main lounge of Sellery Residence Hall to take a free professional portrait! We’ll be accepting donations of any size in support of Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief, and 100% of the proceeds will be sent directly to The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP). Click here to RSVP!



Our officers are what makes NOBE-UW so unique! All of us are highly active in other communities on our campus, and passionately pursue a wide variety of different hobbies and interests. Hover over (or tap on) an officer to read more about them!


Sponsoring our chapter of NOBE – a nationally recognized non-profit – is a better investment for disaster relief than making a simple donation. Your tax-deductible sponsorship money will be used to host events that will garner more donations than your initial contribution — so your sponsorship is a philanthropic investment in its purest form. Furthermore, in exchange for a donation, we’ll give you opportunities to speak on our campus and build your brand’s awareness!

For more information, please contact fundraising@nobewisconsin.org